About us

Kulturbrille, was born in 2014, founded by Anu Krishnan with the express purpose of helping organisations bring a cultural lens to their services and to support them in making their clients feel more welcome, understood and heard.

There is now a growing awareness that culturally informed service provision is key to improved client experience, satisfaction and engagement. Kulturbrille supports organisations to strengthen their ability to work with diverse communities from a place of genuine and empathic understanding.

Kulturbrille’s team of dynamic, passionate and out-of-the-box thinkers, come with a range of experience and skills in mental health, social work, services and policy areas.

Our programs on leadership, family violence, respectful relationships, bystander interventions, inter-cultural competency for organisations and schools, men’s behaviour change, self-empowerment, parenting, and resilience focused training for students, are customised to suit the needs of each one of our clients.

Our work spans across organisations, communities and schools with a focus on working with vulnerable populations such as refugees, migrants from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds and those affected by family violence. The individual needs of each client organisation is assessed through detailed discussions with stakeholders, and a team of talented and experienced experts come together to deliver exceptional results.

Kulturbrille was recognized in 2019 for its work in Prevention of Family Violence among diverse communities under the Victorian Multicultural Award for Excellence in the Community Innovation category.

Our vision is to help build a future where every individual’s experience of service is embedded with empathy and understanding, delivered with honesty and authenticity and is culturally informed. Our goal is to support organisations who want to make this happen – not just as best practice – but as business as usual.

 Talk to us or email us to find out how we can become a part of your wonderful journey!

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