Anu Krishnan reflects on her relationship with faith and making sense of grief

Like many others, Anu has had internal struggles with grief and tragedy. Most of us have questioned the meaning of life and our purpose at some point in our lives. In this deeply personal reflection, Anu shares an insight on her relationship with faith and her purpose in keeping her word to her father


Anu Krishnan on “Making the Links” Podcast from Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health 

Anu speaks with Vahideh Esa from MCWH to shed light on the challenges faced by migrant women and address some assumptions that mainstream family violence services need to overcome to build stronger links with migrant women.


Anu Krishnan on ABC Radio National’s ‘Life Matters’

Listen to Anu Krishnan on ABC Radio National’s Life Matters program discussing what to do when parents and grandparents clash over child rearing.

Anu is on a panel with Dr James Kirby, Amanda Smith and Michael Mackenzie.

Prevention of Violence Against Women – Developing community leaders

This short film showcases the path-breaking training program delivered to 28 young community leaders to equip them in addressing domestic violence in their communities.

​Developed in partnership with AMES Australia and co-facilitated by Anu Krishnan & Peter Streker, this 3 month program addresses issues of violence and teaches leaders how they can start these conversations and bring change to their communities.

Anu Krishnan on SBS- Preventing family violence in migrant communities

Listen to Anu Krishnan on SBS Radio, talking about family violence in migrant communities, where women face additional barriers when they need to get help.

Anu on SBS radio

Listen to Anu talking about family estrangement and conflict in inter-generational families and the effect this has on the elderly from a culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Anu spoke with SBS Radio for their series on seniors.

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