Supporting schools

Engaging with a culturally diverse community – seminars for teachers

We offer customised cultural competency workshops for teachers, educators and child care workers. The workshops are grounded in practice principles and cover key aspects of early years and primary school settings.

The workshops cover:

  • Key issues that impacts educators/ teachers, those of us who work with families in cross cultural settings
  • Cultural aspects that influence parenting styles and behaviour
  • Overview of engagement & communication strategies for parents from culturally & linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • Develop opportunities for cultural engagement and celebrate inclusion
  • Best practice sharing & collaborating with peers

Supporting students thrive in schools

Adapting to a new culture, making friends when you don’t look or sound like the others can be challenging and sometimes frightening.
Kulturbrille brings an innovative, fun and interactive program that works with students from diverse backgrounds to help them navigate their way in schools and other settings here in Australia.

Kulturbrille has worked with School Focused Youth Services to tailor programs for international students in Victorian highschools, building skills to support them as they navigate their high-school life.

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Supporting schools