The time is now

Is it time?

Don’t worry my dear, there will be time for all your dreams
Don’t worry my dear, his success will make it easier
Don’t worry my dear, when the children are older, there will be time
Don’t worry my dear, it is your duty now, but then there will be time
Don’t worry my dear, you know your happiness is what matters most
But…..don’t worry, there will be time

The last 10 years
Wiping the tears, clapping the first steps
Helping with homework, packing lunches
Braiding the hair, making those models
Driving to the music classes, cheering them on
Taking a breath, thinking about that dream

Is it time?

The last 10 years
Waiting with cold meals, heating it up yet again
Celebrating the promotions, bolstering up when projects fail
Making sure the shirt is right, the tie perfect
Sending that silent prayer for the interview
Or giving that “Come’on” for that important presentation
Taking a breath, thinking about that dream

Is it time?

The last 10 years
Quietly leaving a cup of tea at the right time
Silently giving a shawl on a nippy evening
Cancelling a movie with friends to take his mum to the doctor
Smiling a welcome to an aunt who will find fault in everything
Sitting through yet another event to keep the family peace
Taking a breath, thinking about that dream

Is it time?

The last 10 years
Or is it now 20? 25? 30?
You suddenly look up and wonder
When did the children grow up and leave to follow their dreams
When did the partner realise their goals and become too busy to sit awhile
When did the parent become quieter, knowing you are there-always
When did the dream become a fantasy, never to be attained
A footnote of may have beens
When all along you promised yourself- It will be

Is it time?

For you to take that first step
For you to shake off those invisible loving bonds of duty
For you to loosen those ties of love
For you to untangle from that ownership of others’ work

For you too can soar
For you too can shine
For you too can savor success

For yourself.

Yes, It is time

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