It’s a mirage
It’s real
It races headlong
It moves at a snail’s pace

It fills you with dread
It fills you with joy
It brings a smile
It sheds a tear

It stops for no one
It stands still for all
It gives you hope
It dashes your dreams

It some times lights up your nights
It also darkens your days
It creates chaos
It stills the mind

You have too much
You have none

Time, you tricky child
Time, you wily old one

How I wish I knew more then,  when I let you get away
For now, I would give anything to have more of you

Give me a second chance, so I can right some wrongs
Give me another go, so I can re-live some of the dreams

Time…..however smiles gently and whispers
Every minute you pause to dwell on what may have been, 
You are letting me get away……yet again

Inspired by a beautiful poem written by a dear friend in Tamil and some inspiring conversations with some gorgeous folks over the last few days.
Surrounded by such expressive and talented people, is a blessing that I am constantly grateful for!

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