Am I really strong?

Oh, but you’re so strong, you know!

Oh, but you’re so strong, you know!

Who decides….
That you will the strong one
That you’ll be the one to roll with the punches
That you’ll be the one that doesn’t break down
That you’ll be the one who always smiles

Who decides…..
That you’ll know the answers
That you’ll know exactly what to say
That you’ll know when to put the kettle on
That you’ll know when to offer a hug

Who decides……
That you’ll always be ready to pick up the slack at work
That you’ll stick around to clean up after everyone’s partied
That you’ll have a plan for that unexpected project
That you’ll hold the fort, when others need a break

Who decides indeed……

I wish it wasn’t so

 I wish it wasn’t such a shock or suprise
When I have a cry
When my tank is empty
When there’s no more hugs left
When there’s litte to smile about

Because each time I hear you say But you’re so strong!
I feel ….
That weight of expectation
That ball of acid
That clench of teeth
That tightening of jaw
That curl of fist
That squaring of shoulder

And I soldier on….
And then someone else says….Oh, but you’re so strong!



 ***Dedicated to the scores of "STRONG" people out there, who've been carrying the silent burden of being there for people in their lives, who've needed them - particularly over the last 18 months.
To those who've unstintingly given, and then given some more - of themselves
To those who've not found the time to grieve or tire or feel flat
To those who've been running on empty
To all of you........ Thank you***


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