Is this when I have a meltdown?

Is this when I have a meltdown?

When is it the right time?
When is it the right time for me to have MY meltdown?

A friendly teenager, with that winning smile
A light heart and many dreams
The vicious backbiting by one time friends
Or the broken heart from that first love…..
Is this when I have the meltdown

A young adult, with so much potential
The whole world lies ahead, waiting to be explored
Missing out on following a dream, held back by our own
The fear of what will people say…is it safe…
Is this when I have the meltdown

ddy bride, estatic to find a soulmate
Those early days, of creating a sanctuary away from the noise
The challenges of making a new family your own
The weight of expectations wearing you down….
Is this when I have the meltdown

The circus juggler, who has all the balls up in the air
The intransigent pre-teen who hates the mom
The spoilt son who’s being mothered too much
The unseeing elder, who sees none of the work, but all of the faults
The unaware partner who dismisses all the concern…
Is this when I have a meltdown

The harried wife, who hasn’t covered her greys
The simple attire, which suffices her needs
The busy woman, who’s tiredness overtakes her spirit
She finds the messages of love, the blush of romance
That the once loving husband writes to another…
Is this when I have a meltdown

The unfamiliar mole, that she didn’t get time for
That lump she found while showering and made a note to check
The reminder for the uncomfortable papsmear, that went straight into the recyling bin

The grim face of the doctor, as he looks up to tell her
The cold jelly as the tech prods her body to see the unwelcome invader
The noisy rumble of the machine, that will take millions of images
The exhausting cycle of needles and retching and endless medicines….
Is this when I have a meltdown

But now I pick up the paper
Or watch the news, or see that tweet
Or get tagged on Facebook and see…
That so many are finding Covid difficult
Alone in their thoughts and without others to break the spiral
So many struggling with staying upbeat and to take it in their stride….
Finally….It is time
I can have that meltdown and be ok

For now I have a reason
A reason that won’t be judged
A reason that won’t be sniggered at
A reason that isn’t just mine, like all the others
For somehow, one person breaking down is weak
But many breaking down, that’s worth our sympathy and support.
Yes, It is time to have that meltdown.

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