Take a pause
Take a pause….

A look, a smile, the crinkling around the eyes
The glint in the eye
The tilt of the face, when they turn to look at you
The sound of the voice when you answer the phone in a rush
The tone of the “hello” when you’ve woken them from a nap
The frustration in voice when the video buffers or the traffic won’t ease
The tired flop into the chair, the energetic walk to get the grocery done
The nuance of a word, that only you can catch
The tone of an “oh”  that only you can decode
The sigh so soft, that everyone but you would miss
The washing that gets done and you hadn’t asked
The takeaway that appears on tough day at work
The unexpected movie night, the early morning walk to see the sun rise
The quiet cuppa watching the birds, the freshly brewed coffee to pick you up
The look on the face, an instant before the laugh at a silly joke
The anger in the face, when things go wrong
The despair at things, the world and the people at times
The quiet courage to take that and more
The million things that make our world and the people in it

Take a pause….take a pause and savour

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